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Living Centered: Rest

Living Centered: Rest

Hi everyone! πŸ‘‹

Welcome to the 3rd edition of the Living Centered Newsletter. Thank you to all who gave me feedback on the last edition and welcome to the 6 new subscribers - happy to have you here! Hope you all are having a fantastic week! 😊

This week has been good for me so far. I've been active on Twitter and recently posted a story about my daughter is encouraging others to spread kindness. I am also excited to be shipping this 3rd edition!

In this edition of the newsletter, I dig into the importance of rest in our lives. The kind of rest where we step away from the daily grind to recharge. This rest is vital in our lives to ensure we are living as healthy, whole, and centered people.

Let's dig in!


In our culture of non-stop hustle and busyness, it's rare we talk about the importance of rest. It is vital to our success. Without stepping back to rest, we reach burnout.

This quote reminds me that rest is not laziness - it's essential to living life.

β€œThere is virtue in work and there is virtue in rest. Use both and overlook neither.” - Alan Cohen

Essay: The Anatomy of Rest

Resting well is a skill to develop. Like all good things in life, we need to put in the work to ensure the outcome of our rest is successful.

When we rest, our mind gets time to recharge and re-frame the challenges we are dealing with. When we give our minds a break from certain thoughts, we can return to those thoughts with greater clarity.

The goal is to step away so when we come back, we are fully engaged from a place of abundance.

Read the full essay at the link below.

The Anatomy of Rest
Rest isn’t just sleeping - it’s mental breaks. We all need them. A day off to recharge, an hour to read a book, and time to step away. Once we step away, we can re-engage from a place of abundance.

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