4 Steps to Balance Consistency and Rest

4 Steps to Balance Consistency and Rest

Have you ever completed an audacious goal and been so glad it was over?

Your goal was a huge challenge, you accomplished it, and now you just want to take a break.

If you're like me, that break goes from one day to two, two days to a week, and before you know you've lost your rhythm.

We know consistency is king. But everyone can use a break before moving to the next goal and starting the focus over again.

How do we balance consistency with taking a break so we don't lose momentum?

Here is the framework:

  1. Celebrate: you accomplished your audacious goal - celebrate!
  2. Rest: identify a finite amount of time - give yourself a deadline to go on break.
  3. Focus: focus on your intentions and review your priorities to clarify direction.
  4. Next: identify the next audacious goal.

Consistency doesn't mean you can't step away. It means you keep your priorities aligned with your goals.

Celebrate. Rest. Focus. Next.

What is your next audacious goal?