Action Quiets the Critic

Action Quiets the Critic

Ignore your biggest critic.

They think they know you, but they don't.
They think they have you figured out, but they are lost.
They think they are dialed in on what makes you tick, but they are confused.

Who is this critic I'm talking about?

It could be a friend, neighbor, or someone in your family. But I'm not talking about them.

I'm talking about your inner critic.

The guy who takes up space in your head.

The one who yells at you every time you mess up.
The one who says, "I told you so" whenever you fail.
The one who tells you to stay in bed when you have plans to go to the gym.

This is the internal critic we all live with.

He's like a poison.

He wants you to stay quiet, comfortable, and docile.
He feels most confident when you feel the most insecure.
He needs you to be controlled by fear and scared to take any risks.

Sometimes he shouts.
Sometimes he whispers.
Sometimes he just points out what you did wrong.

He wants you to stay where it's predictable and known. But he also doesn't care about your happiness. He just wants to be happy himself, no matter what it costs you.

This is the guy you need to silence. But it's so hard when he's taking up real estate in your mind. It's a lot easier to listen to him.

Here's the truth: listening to him is not living. You can barely call it survival.

So how do you silence him? What is the antidote to his poison?


Action is the one thing the critic hates.

By taking action on your goals, you silence the inner critic. You move from surviving to thriving.

He has nothing to say when you're:
• Being present with your family
• Stepping out of your comfort zone
• Becoming the best version of yourself

He can't stand it when you push yourself to do something new.

He has no retort when you get up to your alarm so you can make progress on your dreams.

He is livid when you take action to pursue your life dreams.

So today, take action to quiet the critic.

Take a step towards your goals.
Move in the direction of your dreams.
Take ownership of the outcomes in your life.

Doing so makes you feel alive.

Whenever you hear him start to whisper, always remember:

Action quiets the critic.