Batman & Superman Won't Let Me Sleep

Getting your kid to stay in their bed at night is one of the biggest challenges as a parent. You'll do anything to convince them to stay in bed so you can finally have some time to yourself. On this night, I'm glad my son didn't listen to me.

Batman & Superman Won't Let Me Sleep

We finally got the kids in bed. All the things needed for our nighttime routine are done. PJs on. Teeth brushed. Prayers prayed. Finally in bed.

Then the inevitable happens: kids come out of their room with an excuse. "I need to pee, I want water, I'm too cold, I'm too hot" - the list never ends.

On this particular night, my 5 year old son was the first to emerge. Frustration rushed through me - we spent all that time getting them to bed and now this time is my own. My "angry dad mode" was kicking on.

Before I could say anything, I got the best excuse I have ever heard: "Dad, Batman and Superman are keeping me awake." It stopped me cold. Now I was curious.

"Wait, what? What are Batman and Superman doing?"

He says, "They are talking and fighting and it's keeping me awake."

I was all in now. We talk through ways to get Batman and Superman to stop fighting, how to calm them down, and I walk him back to his bed. A few minutes later, he was fast asleep (evidently Superman and Batman were too).

This is one of the best memories I have this year. And I almost missed it because I was too busy.

Too busy thinking about what I wanted to do and my agenda. So busy I almost missed this peek into my son's world.

Before I know it, my kids will be grown. They'll be graduating from grade school, driving their own car, and moving away to head to college. But not yet - not now. Right now, they are here at home and I have every day to be a part of their world.

This is a reminder for all parents to slow down and engage with your kids in their world.

Maybe you can find out why Batman and Superman are fighting so much.