Be Willing To Do Worthy Work Poorly

When was the last time you started work you knew you could not do well?

Be Willing To Do Worthy Work Poorly

I am a very effective perfectionist. I don't want to start something unless I know I can create the perfect masterpiece. This applies to anything I want to start: an essay, a repair project around the house, and even cooking.

And I know I am not alone. There are other perfectionists out there like me.

Question for you: how do you feel when you read this?

Work worth doing is work worth doing poorly.

A wave a fear? Anxiety? Avoidance?

When we perform our work, we want to focus on what we do well. We don't want to work on things where we will fail at. We want people to see the amazing successes, not where we fall short. We have the thought, "Well, that quote doesn't apply to me."

No, nope, nadda.

I am here to argue it does. It applies to all of us.

If we only focus on what we can do well, will we ever grow? If we only work on the things that we know we will succeed at, will we ever stretch ourselves?

By deciding to go through work you may not succeed at, you decide:

  • to learn about the work.
  • to learn the process of the work.
  • to learn how you can improve at the work.
  • to learn through feedback from others.

Lessons are learned in successes and failures if we have our eyes open to learn them. Take all these lessons and apply them to the next work you do.

Work worth doing is valuable. Be willing to do poorly at worthy work.

What work is in front of you that is worth doing poorly?