Bike 206 Miles in One Day

All goals start with small steps. My goal was to bike from Seattle to Portland in one day.

Bike 206 Miles in One Day

One day, I biked 206 miles from Seattle to Portland.

The goal didn't start that same day. It was months earlier when I decided I was going to stand at the finish line with the accomplishment of biking further in one day than some do in a year.

I broke my training into small steps, biking 3 miles on the first ride. I worked consistently, adding more miles with each ride, and inching closer to my goal. I got stronger and built confidence. On the day of the event, I felt nervous but excited to meet the challenge. Ready to prove to myself I could do this.

I biked 206 miles in one day. I stood at the finish line, accomplished and confident I'd be able to tackle my next goal. It all started with one small step.

Don’t run from your next goal - start with one small step.