Deepen Your Roots

Two weeks ago, a severe & destructive winter storm hit Oregon. Massive trees are down everywhere. Branches strewn all over our yard. Yet some trees still stood tall, with little damage. They survived the storm. How? Strong roots.

Deepen Your Roots

Beautiful, sunny day here in the Pacific NW. Outside working in the yard, cleaning up from the winter storm just two weeks ago. Storm brought snow, ice, and high winds - now trees are down around the neighborhood.

Why do some trees fall while others stand tall?

All look the same at first glance. All have branches, trunks and tree-like qualities. But, not all survived the storm. The strong ones survived. The ones with deep roots.

I wonder what would happen to me. In the midst of a storm, would I break or stand tall? It must depend on how deep my roots are.

That's a question to ponder: How deep are your roots?

We know life happens to us all. Good and bad. Fun and frustration. Happiness and horror.

Growth must happen to strengthen our foundation, our roots. This foundation ensures survival during the storms of life.

What we build during the sunny season will determine our survival of the storm.

What do you build during the sunny season? Do you build to look beautiful to the passerby, yet still shallow? Do you build a strong foundation, with deep connections?

Reflect on lessons learned from the trees. Build strong connections that give strength during the storms of life.

Our goal needs to be establishing our roots in addition to building more branches.

Branches may break during a storm, but the roots will ensure survival.

How deep are your roots?