Dissect Your Feedback

Remember the last time you got good feedback? After the presentation I gave today, I received a lot of feedback. Some I agreed with; some not so much. I decided to dissect it all.

Dissect Your Feedback

I gave a 15 minute presentation today to 62 people.

I had all the feels you normally have during the thrill ride of presenting to a group. Stressed, nervous, anxious, and ready for it to be over.

And I was so glad it was over! Well, the presentation was done, but not the ride. The ride wraps up with a good dose of self-introspection (how did I do?) and feedback from others (how do you think I did?).

Whether it's a presentation, an atomic essay, or a product, we all go on the ride when presenting something we created and look for feedback. Since I'm still spinning from getting off the ride, I want to dig into the experience a bit. Let's look at a few ways to dissect feedback for our benefit.

Self Feedback: you play the scenario over again in your head. Areas stand out to improve, but also be sure to recognize what did go well. Celebrate wins. Learn from mistakes.

Take Feedback: there will be feedback from others. Some will be good and some not so good. Focus on what is constructive. Check all feedback through a filter to see if it's accurate for you.

Request Feedback: if you don't get any feedback, be sure to ask someone whose opinion you trust. You may get more than you bargained for, but I always believe it's better to know than to go blindly.

Give Feedback: you'll have a chance to give feedback too. Remember when giving feedback to give it constructively. Provide what was done well and what can be improved on. Bonus points if you can offer to help with the improvements!

Continue to ask, receive, and give feedback. Remember to dissect all feedback to maximize your benefit and growth.

...and be nice with that self feedback - it's the one you have the most control over.