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Don't Quit When Sh*t Happens

Life comes at all of us. We get bumped, bruised, and yell "oh sh*t" along the way. We have choices to make when sh*t happens. What choice will you make?
Don't Quit When Sh*t Happens

My wife and I went sledding with our kids recently. We got all the snow gear on, packed up the car and headed out to find some hills with fresh snow. We found a great spot with many runs on several hills we could try.

As we started sledding down the first run, you could see the fun on our faces! Smiling and laughing - just pure joy! It was exactly what we were looking for.

However, there were other runs we'd sled down that weren't quite so fun. We'd go much faster than expected, end up facing the wrong direction, and you could hear me yell "oh sh*t!" as we'd fly down. It went from being fun to being miserable. We all ending up with bumps, bruises, and snow in places you don't want it. Our kids said: "This is too scary! I don't want to sled anymore! Can we go home?!"

Sledding is very similar to life.

We make the decision to go down one path with high expectations, excited for the adventure. Then once we get there its filled with "oh sh*t!" moments. After we go through those experiences we remember being hurt, angry, and beat up. We want to quit, take our sled and go home.

Rather than quitting, what if we picked ourselves up, brushed the snow out of our face, and tried a different hill? Went down a different path? Made a different choice?

I can tell you what happened for us: we chose to continue the adventure and find the next hill to conquer. On the next run we experienced all the joy, fun and laughter we were seeking. We would have missed out on it if we had quit.

Life comes at all of us. We get bumped, bruised, and yell "oh sh*t" along the way.

You have the choice to quit or find another hill to conquer. If you choose to continue the adventure and conquer the next hill, you could find the joy you are seeking.

Are you going to conquer your hill today?

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