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Feel the Rhythm of Change

Feel the Rhythm of Change

Life is rhythm.
When you wake up  🌅
What you do to exercise 🏋
How you make your coffee or tea  ☕

All of these are part of your daily rhythm. When life changes, your rhythm changes too.

Change is Inevitable

When you feel the rhythm of a song, you find the beat  🎶
When you feel the rhythm of life, you find familiarity  🧘

The challenge is that change happens. It is the constant in life.

When change happens, you feel out of sync. What you did before doesn't work now. You get tired or feel burned out.

You can't find the rhythm.

At this point, most people give up. They grow frustrated, angry and just throw in the towel. Or they work hard to remove change from their life.

There is good news: these aren't your only options.

Welcome Change

Instead of giving up or trying to remove change from your life, expect it.

Learn to embrace the seasons of change  ❄ 🌱 🌻 🍂

Once you embrace change, you can find your new rhythm.

When you find your new rhythm, you'll find familiarity once again.

Embrace the seasons of change to feel your rhythm.

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