Invest in Time with Your Kids

Invest in Time with Your Kids

I have two young kids: my son is in preschool and my daughter in 2nd grade. They are amazing kids and I want them know know how important they are to me.

My wife and I work hard to put a roof over their head, to make sure they get good food, good sleep, and stay active among other things. Even though we do all these to help them grow to be successful humans, are we investing intentional time with them?

Like any important relationship, we strive to make spending time with them a priority. Here are a couple of ways we invest intentional time with our kids:

  • Engage with them where they are at: this is engaging in an activity they enjoy. My son loves to wrestle and my daughter reading books together.
  • Playing in their world: this is sitting down with them to be present with what is occupying their minds. I talk with my daughter about her school and play superheros with my son.
  • Spend focused time with them: intentionally setting time aside to be with them and do something fun. I plan a few times a year to take time off work and spend the day with them. This is our "Day with Dad".
  • It doesn't have to be long: whether its sitting down to listen to their day for 5 minutes or reading a few pages of a book, kids just want your attention so give it without any distractions.

These are just a couple of ways we are investing time. Sometimes they are amazing and we really connect - sometimes not. The important piece is that its happening.

How do you invest time with your kids? I'd love to hear them!