Learn to Listen to Yourself

Our lives are crowded with voices. So many people talking about what we should do, say, or think. When was the list time you listened to your own voice?

Learn to Listen to Yourself

Learning to listen to ourselves is key to living in authenticity. Living in authenticity requires us to know the sound of our own voice. Often though, our voice is drowned out by all the other voices we hear or opinions we read. Seems odd that we wouldn't even know the sound of our own voice. But when you think of all the things you've read, listened to, or watched today, how much of it was created by you?

Each of us is drawn to those voices that align with our thinking. We approach each of them with the unconscious thought of, "Yea, that's something I'd say." But is it? Is what you're reading, watching, and listening to be something your authentic, original self would say?

I know I enjoy life more when I live in authenticity. When I make choices based on what I want to do rather than what the crowd is doing. Unfortunately, I am most often trying to follow the crowd.

I know I am not alone. I know there are others who choose to creep in the shadows of the crowd rather than stepping into the light and live out their authenticity.

I find I need to take time away from others voices to listen to my own voice. To step back from the noise and commotion to hear what I have to say. This can be writing, taking a walk, processing thoughts with a friend, or even asking myself, "What do I have to say?"

As you read this, my hope is for you to remember to step back when you find yourself at the crossroads of authenticity and shadow creeping.

When you find yourself at the intersection of discerning your own voice from all the others around, learn to listen to yourself.

Choose to live in authenticity and listen to your own voice.