Release You v0.1

I love trying to find the perfect tool. Roam, Notion, Obsidian - all of them offer something unique. So many options! Today I realized I spend more time trying to find a tool than working on my craft. I realized I am still learning to release version 0.1

Release You v0.1

I am constantly on the hunt for new tools to help me be more productive, more creative - a better version of me.

When I look around, there are so many options. Lots of great recommendations and reasons why each one works for different people. How do I know which tool I should start with?

I don't and that's the point. I need to shift my focus from what tool to use and focus on creating. This is a message I need to remind myself of and maybe you need to hear it too.

Start creating today.

Iterate as you build. Be perfectly ok with being imperfect.

New tools release an early version that's buggy. In the same way, version 0.1 of what you create will not be amazing. But, it is the place to start.

Don't focus on all the shiny objects around you - learn to shine yourself.