The Pursuit of Balance

Have you achieved balance only to lose it? Have you found balance only to find it elusive? Balance is not a discovery - it's a pursuit.

The Pursuit of Balance

Have you had those days of back to back meetings, running the hamster wheel, and feeling overwhelmed? If you're like me, you constantly do.

At the end of an overwhelming day, I find myself searching for balance. This balance in life I hear we're supposed to achieve but I never can seem to hold on to. I realized I have been looking at it all wrong.

Balance is not an achievement - it's a pursuit.

You don't ever see someone say, "I have finally achieved balance and I've never had to work at it again!" They find it and it fades. They achieve it and then it eludes them. It's always the end goal but never achieved only once. So how do we find balance?

Balance is not found - it's a work in progress.

Finding or discovering is a thing you do and then it's done. Work in progress is a constant action to follow. Balance is a constant action to follow.

So if balance is not a discovery but a constant action, what are the elements of the pursuit of balance?

  • Recognize & acknowledge: the first step is to accept balance is a work in progress.
  • Review: look at where you've been. Know where you've come from so you know where you are going.
  • Consistent evaluation & adjustment: review your map to ensure you are heading in the right direction. Check signs for taking a right or left turn.
  • Action: take action and keep moving forward.

Balance is the negotiation of our priorities and requires consistent work. It's not something we achieve, discover or find.

The pursuit of balance requires constant action.

How are you pursuing balance today?