Perform Your Own Time Audit

Where are you spending most of your time?

Perform Your Own Time Audit

This last week was a bit of a blur.

My wife celebrated a milestone birthday and went on a trip to Portugal with several of her best friends.

This left me to be a solo-dad for the week.

It was chaotic.

Between school, work, sports, slumber parties, playing with the kids, and keeping up with the house, there wasn’t time for much else.

No cold plunges. No morning runs. No weekly writing session. No time to work with my new client.

Just a lot that didn’t get done.

But as I look back, my focus for the week wasn't to make progress on my business goals.

It was about investing in my kids.

We went on walks together, played board games, planted a garden, and spent a lot of time just hanging out together.

One of our kids favorite games
Our family's first attempt at gardening

I've read that by the time your kids are 18 years old, 80% of the time you’ll ever spend with them is over.

This is an incredibly sobering thing to consider. You have 18 summers with your kids and then they are out of your house.

What are you doing to make those 18 years impactful for your family?

My kids are two of the most important people to me. One of my biggest goals is to be fully present and invested in their lives.

So even if I didn’t make a lot of progress on my businesss goals (like prepping for this newsletter), I did get significant time with them.

I know how important it is for me to evaluate where I am spending my time. This week gave me an opportunity to review and adjust what my time investments look like.

Even though it wasn't the most productive week for my business, it was for my family.

Investing time in your biggest priorites is never the wrong decision.

Your action for this week is to do a time audit.

Specifically, think about the most important people in your life, your career, and the big goals you have. Evaluate if you are spending adequate time working towards these goals.

It can be as simple as spending a few minutes thinking about the past week and evaluating where you spent time in one area of your life. You can also do something intense like tracking where you spend time this week using a spreadsheet or ​an app​.

At the end of the week, evaluate what you tracked and see what you might want to adjust.

If you want a framework for creating life goals, consider purchasing my ebook ​Living With Purpose: 5 Steps to Move from Chaos to Clarity​. In there, I walk you through the steps of identifying the key areas of your life and how to create concrete goals to pursue in each one.

Or, if you have any questions, please reach out! I am happy to help however I can.